Roxy Theater Cancels Showing of Documentary Critical of Mayor Engen’s Administration

The Roxy Theater in Missoula cancelled a showing of a forthcoming documentary critical of Mayor John Engen’s 14-year administration titled Engen’s Missoula citing “overbooking.”

Three days after signing a contract with the producer at the beginning of December, The Roxy Theater rental coordinator Christina Tripp notified the producer of the alleged overbooking, refunded the deposit, and did not offer additional dates for showing.

Engen’s Missoula Producer Travis Mateer, who also publishes Zoom Chron Blog (formerly Reptile Dysfunction), said in a post this weekend that when he spoke to Tripp regarding the cancellation of the showing, the theatre also took exception to Mateer “promoting” the showing using invitations he had created for the event.

“In hindsight, I probably should not have paid the extra $50 bucks to put ENGEN’S MISSOULA on the marquis for the day,” Mateer said. “That might have tipped-off the establishment of my plans.”

Mateer said he is working on finding another venue to show the documentary and is also exploring all avenues with regard to The Roxy Theater’s decision to cancel his showing.

Last month, Mateer released a trailer for the documentary featuring Ward 4 City Council member Jesse Ramos explaining how a tax scheme called “tax increment financing” skims off the top of property tax-payers yearly tax bill and redirects funds to the Missoula Redevelopment Agency, an unelected body appointed by Mayor Engen.

Watch the trailer:

By Roy McKenzie

Roy McKenzie is a former elected Montana Democrat who moved to Montana in 2017. Roy is the Publisher of Western Montana News. Get in touch with him on Truth Social (@royalton) or Telegram (@royaltonpatrick).
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