Also today another public test was performed in Carbon County and commissioner Scott Blain said it was true that they needed to be adjusted for altitude and that he goggled it, they also said other counties in Montana had it done also! The citizen who discovered the tampered seals on both machines called ES&S tech support and asked for the steps for adjusting to altitude adjustments and the tech support asked what the heck would altitude have to do with it? Recertification was done by slapping a new sticker on and running the public viewing test! When asked if a copied ballot could be sent thru the tabulator to see if it could be read, they refused!
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Sign Petition to DEMAND Forensic Audits of All Counties in Montana

People from accross Montana are sharing their thoughts on the petition to demand full forensic audits of Montana Elections:

“We need a FULL state audit. Let’s get it started.” —Doretta L., Yellowstone County, MT

“Audit every county” —Steve M., Gallatin County, MT

“As a Montana Native I demand fair elections. We are a constitutional REPUBLIC that can only stand with fair and transparent elections. Therefore I fully support not only an audit on Missoula County, but all counties throughout the state.” —David S., Carbon County, MT

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