Montana PSC Primary Voters Decided Who Is Really Looking Out For Us

Despite slanderous accusations from her opponent, her presumptive primary win for Public Service Commission and recently released footage of COVID lockdown meetings of the Flathead Health Board vindicate Dr. Annie Bukacek’s fight for liberty.

Do We Really Need More Passive Acquiescence?

After 12 years as Flathead County Commissioner, Pam Holmquist is seeking re-election to yet another 6-year term to the Flathead Board of County Commissioners, which would make Holmquist’s total tenure on the board about 18 years should she win re-election.  Ronalee Skees, a member of the Flathead County Health Board, is seerking election to House…

Montana’s House District 11 Needs Someone With a Strong Spine

If Ronalee Skees was unable to stand up for individual liberty and defend her own record as a member of the Flathead County Health Board, how can District 11 voters trust she will stand up for what is right if she is elected?

Over 500 Montanans Sign “Vote of Confidence” Letter Supporting State Superintendent

Over 500 Montana signatories including school board trustees from Flathead, Lincoln, Missoula, and Ravalli counties and two-dozen elected officials have signed on to a “Vote of Confidence” letter supporting Montana’s head of schools, State Superintendent of Instruction Elsie Arntzen. “We write to refute the unauthorized “no-confidence” letter recently sent to you by certain school superintendents…

Pfizer Vaccine Creates 164 Myocarditis Cases in Boys For Every 189 COVID-19 Hospital Stays Prevented

In one scenario, for every 21 hospitalizations of COVID-19 prevented, 179 boys will develop a case of myocarditis, 98 boys would be hospitalized, and 57 boys would be admitted to ICU’s.

You Can’t Fool Mother Nature

A few decades ago there was an advertising campaign that used the tag line “You can’t fool Mother Nature.”  It seems like our government and much of the world does not understand that principle. So called “experts” tried to create a treatment they labeled “a vaccine” for COVID 19 that did not involve reinforcing the…

Big Sky, Bozeman Parents Sue Schools Over Forced Masking of Children

Bozeman and Big Sky parents join the fight against tyrannical school board trustees in this latest lawsuit, joining Missoula County parents who filed suit against school boards late last month.

Missoula School Mask Lawsuit Filed: Parents have “fundamental liberty interest in the care, custody, and control of their children”

Stand Up Montana and 11 parents are the plaintiffs listed in a lawsuit filed yesterday against Missoula County Public Schools and Missoula County. Other defendants in the suit include Elementary District 1, High School District 1, Target Range School District, and Hellgate Elementary School District. In an interview with KGVO, the attorney representing the parents,…

Missoula Food Bank Limits Access To Food, Requires Medical Device

Two people was ejected from the Wyoming Street Missoula Food Bank including one man who was escorted by Missoula Police.