Christi Jacobsen is the Secretary of State for the State of Montana.

Second Montana County Votes to Reject 2020 Election Results Ahead of GOP Convention

The Lewis and Clark County Republican Central Committee passed a resolution Monday to reject the results of the 2020 Presidential election, the second Montana county to do so after Ravalli County Republicans passed a similar resolution last week. The text of the resolution cites solidarity with resolutions passed in Maricopa County, Arizona; Langlade County, Wisconsin;…

Carbon County and SoS Stories Conflict on Tampered Election Machines Seals: “No More Questions”

Carbon County Elections Administrator Crystal Roascio shared a press release Thursday to quell growing public concern regarding broken warranty seals discovered by citizens at a public test of the county’s ES&S DS200 election tabulation machines last Thursday. At the test, warranty seals shielding access to the inside of each of the county’s DS200 tabulation machines…

Montana SoS Offers New Election Machines After Tampered Seals Discovered in Carbon County

Carbon County Election Administrator Crystal Roascio declined two brand new ES&S DS200 election tabulation machines offered by the Montana Secretary of State’s office after citizens discovered the warranty seals covering machine access screws were broken on Carbon County’s two tabulation machines. The warranty seals were found broken during a public test of the machine organized…

Missoula Elections Office “Incompetent…Derelict” Integrity Group 52-Page Report to SoS, AG Alleges

The Missoula election integrity group released a 52-page report Tuesday documenting “a pattern of irregularities” in Missoula County’s 2020 General Election and “troubling issues” found in a study of the county voter registration database.

Sen Theresa Manzella Calls for “Select Committee” to Investigate Missoula County Elections

“I would like to see a select committee appointed specifically to investigate Missoula County and the election process there and evaluate all the evidence and then make a decision on that,” said Manzella.

Rep Tschida Requests SoS Halt Voting Machine Software Updates Pending Record Retention Compliance Check

This morning, State House Representative Brad Tschida (HD-97) sent a letter to Montana Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen asking her to immediately inform all Montana county election administrators that they may be violating state and federal laws regarding data retention requirements. Tschida’s letter was also addressed to Montana State Elections Director Dana Corson. Tschida warned…

VIDEO: City Council Approves All Mail-In Ballot Election for Mayor, Wards Despite Unexplained Discrepancies in 2020 Missoula Election

Despite protests from public comment and Councilwoman Vasecka, Missoula Councilors voted to approve mail-in ballot election amid unexplained 2020 election discrepancies.

“Uneasy” Sanders County Election Officials Refused Zuckerberg Funds, Missoula County Stonewalling

We reported last week that 30 of 56 Montana counties, including Missoula County, were granted funds from the Mark Zuckerberg-funded Center for Tech & Civic Life. Grant funds were offered for “elections-related” expenses during the 2020 General Election including for expanding mail-in ballot access, increasing ballot drop-boxes, purchasing election software and machines, and voter outreach.…