DURHAM UPDATE: I got something wrong earlier. Turns out former Fusion GPS employee Laura Seago will be given immunity so she can testify at Michael Sussmann's trial. Durham explains in his latest filing that it's in the public interest to given Seago immunity so she can testify about certain matters involving Fusion GPS's contracted work & activities for Hillary For America & the DNC. https://www.scribd.com/document/572850321/72-Motion-to-Compel-Seago-Testimony
"An in camera review is a private screening by a judge involving a piece of evidence that is hotly contested." In USA v. Sussmann, the Durham Special Counsel has empaneled a grand jury that issued subpoenas to Fusion GPS for documents. Fusion only partially complied with the federal subpoena. They held back over 1,400 documents and claimed they don't have to turn them over to Durham because they are covered by attorney/client privilege. Durham then requested for Judge Cooper to do an 'in camera review' of the contested documents in order to determine if all 1,400 documents are indeed shielded by A/C privilege. After hearing oral arguments and reading motions filed by the SCO, Sussmann, HFA, Perkins Coie, Fusion GPS and Rodney Joffe, Judge Cooper has now granted Durham's motion for an in camera review of all these documents that Fusion has thus far refused to relinquish.
So both Mook and Podesta are insisting on continuing with the lie in signed declarations to Judge Cooper that Perkins Coie and all the contractors hired by Perkins Coie such as Fusion GPS, were hired solely to and I quote "for the purpose of providing legal services and legal advice to HFA." They're locked into this lie now, that Fusion's documents held back in defiance of a federal grand jury subpoena are chock-full of 'legal advice' and 'legal counsel' and are thus shielded from the SCO by attorney client privilege. Here's what's going to happen: Durham has already showed the court more than sufficient documentary evidence of the 'joint venture' to attack and vilify Donald J. Trump with a fake Alfa Bank hoax that involved a private spy network comprised of federal contractors abusing their access privileges to government databases. Hillary for America, Perkins Coie and Fusion all have motive to lie to the court to shield their joint venture targeting Trump with manufactured hoaxes from further exposure. For this reason, Judge Cooper is going to grant Durham's Motion To Compel via In Camera review and Judge Cooper and his staff are going to review the Fusion/PC documents themselves. And when that happens, Cooper's going to find the claims of a/c priv are a bold faced sham.