Missoula Schools: Masks Stay Until Children Vaccinated

The Missoula County Public School Board of Trustees met last night to make decisions regarding mask mandates including the terms required to be fulfilled before the school board will allow children to be unmasked. The “COVID-19 Task Force” subcommittee, appointed by the board of the trustees, recommends lifting the mask mandate after the following requirements…

Montana Ace Hardware CEO Excoriates Unvaccinated Employees, Cancels Christmas Parties and Meetings

An employee of Montana Ace Hardware shared a letter they received from President & CEO Stewart Weis in July where he writes to employees how “profoundly disappointed” he is with employee vaccination rates and that decisions to not be vaccinated, outside of a physician recommending against a vaccine, are, “rooted in either being uninformed, misinformed,…

Hellgate Elementary Votes to “Allow” Parents to Decide On Masks for Fall, County Health Recommends COVID-19 Injections

Not everything will be returning to normal, however. Masks will still be required on busses. Signs for washing hands and social distancing remain, as will much of the plexiglass.

For “Pride” Missoula’s LGBT Center Should Disband

Missoula’s LGBT advocacy group has been shameless about COVID-19 hyperbole, forgetting that Dr. Anthony Fauci killed thousands of AIDS patients with junk science on a toxic cancer drug known as AZT.