Montana PSC Primary Voters Decided Who Is Really Looking Out For Us

Despite slanderous accusations from her opponent, her presumptive primary win for Public Service Commission and recently released footage of COVID lockdown meetings of the Flathead Health Board vindicate Dr. Annie Bukacek’s fight for liberty.

Montana’s House District 11 Needs Someone With a Strong Spine

If Ronalee Skees was unable to stand up for individual liberty and defend her own record as a member of the Flathead County Health Board, how can District 11 voters trust she will stand up for what is right if she is elected?

Flathead Health Board Accountability: Get Your Popcorn!

Conservatives in Flathead County prove that regardless of party affiliation, if a candidate for public office voted for lockdowns, their actions will not be memory-holed and they will be held to account.

WATCH: Local Artist Travis Mateer Releases “Engen’s Missoula” Documentary Online

Local artist and film producer Travis Mateer released his 3-hour documentary Engen’s Missoula late Wednesday night. “So happy to finally be able to share this, it’s been a long time in the making,” Mateer said in a tweet. The film covers specific points in the administration of Missoula’s 5-term Mayor, John Engen, including the redirection…

VIDEO: Footage From London Freedom Rally Last Weekend Shows Thousands Of British Marching For Freedom Against Lockdowns

You are not going to see this inspiring footage in the fake news propaganda Missoulian (Misleadian), KPAX, NBC Montana, Independent Record, et al. Thousands of British came out to London this past weekend to march for Freedom. Oracle Films collected footage from the Freedom Rallies in London on May 15th and 29th and compiled them…

More Evidence From PCR Creator Points to Probable High False-Positivity Rate in Missoula County COVID-19 Testing

January 20th, the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration, the World Health Organization sent out a memo to all COVID-19 test administers and laboratories that they needed to use a lower sensitivity in their PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing due to the high prevalence of false-positive COVID-19 test results. After the 20th, we saw “new cases”…

“NO MORE LOCKDOWNS!” Banner at Reserve and Mullan

Check out this photo snapped at the Northeast corner of Reserve and Mullan last Friday. The headline on the banner from the Bitterroot group, Stand Together For Freedom, reads, “NO MORE LOCKDOWNS!”

Montana Mask Lawsuit Organizers: “This all ends when we say NO”

Stand Up Montana, the organizers of the lawsuit against former Governor Steve Bullock and the Department of Public Health and Human Services, recently expanded their litigation to include Missoula City-County Board of Health and Health Director Ellen Leahy. Citing a lack of action on the part of Governor Greg Gianforte to end the mask mandate…

Surgeon Debunks Mask Myths: “Mask wearing sounds good, but doesn’t work at all.”

Getting to the truth about SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and parsing the efficacy of the response to the virus has been a challenge. Social media companies, national media, and even local media have ignored, silenced, “fact-checked,” or have acted as gatekeepers for the acceptable discourse concerning the virus. To break through this media…

LAWSUIT: Missoulians vs Missoula Health Board and Ellen Leahy Over COVID-19 Restrictions

More Montana officials are in hot water for their responses to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Last month, a lawsuit was filed against former Governor Steve Bullock and the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services. Last week, more citizens filed suit against officials, this time in Missoula County. The suit was filed against the Missoula…