👆👆👆Here's what I'm waiting to be right on: That the Epstein investigation isn't over and it didn't end when Maxwell was sentenced on Jean-Luc Brunel supposedly hanged himself in his cell in France several months ago. There are more indictments coming, that will include the public officials who made damn sure the Epstein sex trafficking ring could walk away unprosecuted in 2009. You want to see who's in the little black book client list? Wait your turn. The grand jury/s get it first. When it's not key evidence in an ongoing criminal investigation you're start seeing the client list in indictments and when it's introduced in court. Notice all the people loudly insisting to you Maxwell was going to walk are the same ones insisting to you the Epstein investigation has ended and nothing further is going to happen. The Public Corruption Unit is about exposing public corruption. Change my mind.
In 2020, after Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest, investigators were reportedly looking to talk to Guinness family aristocrat Clare Hazell. Hazell took 32 flights on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express. Hazell, like Rachel Chandler, married into the famous brewing family. Chandler married Tom Guinness in 2012. (They no longer appear to be together.) Also, both Hazell and Chandler ran “modeling agencies”. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8487581/amp/Epstein-investigators-want-talk-Guinness-family-aristocrat.html