Astro-turf political organization funded by the Center for Popular Democracy, a Soros-backed 501(c)(3) non-profit. According to the organization's 2019 IRS 990 filing, the majority of expenditures are employee salaries. The filing also states that Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN) is also doing business in Montana as Montana Gender Alliance, Equality Montana, Love Lives Here, Trans Visible Montana, EqualityMT, Montana Interfaith Network, and Speaking Volumes Transforming Hate. The organization's primary ideological production is polemics asserting that Montana conservatives are problematic, insufficiently woke racists. Quoted frequently by mainstream Montana media. Montana Human Rights Network is a political doxxing and hate group.
Mateer: Missoula Sheriff Department Training Games And A Right-Wing Witch Hunt Makes This Citizen Journalist A Little Puzzled National media attention can be a powerful thing, especially when labeling things RIGHT-WING. A local headline this week highlights the fear this potential labeling generates: Missoula Sheriff drops Oath Keeper affiliated training.