Mark Zuckerberg Illegally “Friended” Montana in the 2020 Election

This op-ed was first published in Last Chance Patriots newsletter. It has been over 16 months since the 2020 General Election and the results continue to be investigated around the country, particularly in conservative trending states which unexpectedly turned blue in the 2020 election. Revelations about the ES&S and other voting tabulators being connected to…

Rossiter: Drinking the Kool-Aid

For years, I and others have used the term “drinking the kool-aid.” Little did I know there is actually a more formal term that addresses this phenomena. The formal name is mass formation psychosis (MFP). Google it, and you will find numerous articles. Not only that, but I learned just how insidious this psychosis is…

Hundreds of Montanans Attend Missoula, Hamilton Election Integrity Events

Wednesday, over 500 Montanan’s and a dozen or more legislators including representatives Paul Fielder (HD-13), Lola Galloway (HD-22), Steven Galloway (HD-24), Bob Phalen (HD-36), Amy Regier (HD-6), Matt Regier (HD-4), Jerry Schillinger (HD-37), Derek Skees (HD-11), Brad Tschida (HD-97), and senators Theresa Manzella (SD-44) and Keith Regier (SD-3) attended events in Missoula and Hamilton which…

VIDEO: State Rep Manzella Calls for Special Session to Perform Forensic Audit of Montana Elections

State Rep Theresa Manzella makes case for Montana Legislature to call themselves back into session to perform audit of Montana Elections.

VIDEO: City Council Approves All Mail-In Ballot Election for Mayor, Wards Despite Unexplained Discrepancies in 2020 Missoula Election

Despite protests from public comment and Councilwoman Vasecka, Missoula Councilors voted to approve mail-in ballot election amid unexplained 2020 election discrepancies.

House Rep. Tschida Calls Out KULR-TV Station Manager For Misinformation Report on Montana Election Integrity

Montana Rep. Brad Tschida called out KULR8 News in Billings for spreading misinformation about the election integrity investigation in Missoula County Elections.

VIDEO: President Donald Trump Mentions 6% Discrepancy Found in Missoula County Ballots During Save America Rally in Ohio Saturday

“In Montana over 6% of a certain county’s mail-in ballots are missing evidence to prove if they were legitimate or not. They’re missing all of this evidence. And think of it, Montana.”

VIDEO: US House Candidate Ryan Zinke Wags Finger At Flathead Woman Probing Vote Record: “Have you served? Don’t ever question my oath of office.”

As a result of population increase in Montana from data collected during the United States 2020 Census, Montana will be apportioned additional representation in the US House of Representatives in the form of one additional House seat. The new congressional apportionment will give Montanan’s a total of four representatives when a candidate is elected in…

Documentary: The Great Awakening

Trump is standing in the way of The Great Reset. This is a riveting, fast-paced, and emotional documentary covering events from the last four years. The documentary depicts President Donald Trump bringing corrupt leaders from around the world to heel. Leaders in Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, The Queen, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and other…

Lee Enterprises’ Seaborn Larson Ties Montana Republicans to U.S. Capitol Violence

In an article for the Independent Record titled, “Claims that led to D.C. insurrection echoed in MT”, Seaborn Larson, State news bureau reporter for Lee Enterprises (recently promoted from the Missoulian), attempted to tie several Montana politicians and their associates with the violence perpetrated at the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday. The FBI has not completed…