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CRT, Attacks on Women and Children Show Montana Needs Parents Rights in Education

I have often wondered how the attacks on women’s rights, teaching CRT and the efforts to sexualize our children are related.  After listening to Rep. Byron Donald’s wife on “Unfiltered” hosted by Dan Bongino, I think I understand.

The cultural Marxists know that to control society they must control the family.  The first step toward that goal is to destroy the traditional family and replace it with the state. Shades of Hillary Clinton’s “It takes a village” comes to mind. 

Moms are the anchors of the family and have been attacked since the 60’s by feminists and now the assault has spread to women in general.  This has been combined with critical race theory to indoctrinate children by introducing the concepts of oppressor/oppressed and perpetrator/victim which makes all children feel badly. 

Whites are shamed by a discredited history and heritage, as represented in “The 1619 Project” while nonwhites are made to feel inferior by suggesting they cannot succeed without special treatment. Both these groups are encouraged to associate these negative feelings with their respective family history and their parents obviously are to blame for their skin color. 

These “educators” attempt, with the sharing of personal history and activities, to create a new “safe space” outside the family unit.  They proceed to introduce young children to sexual identity and gender fluidity. This achieves the goal of further confusing children while implanting the idea that they are the victims of their parents’ traditional family values and morals. Parents are no longer to be trusted or confided in, as the teacher whispers that “only the school needs to know.”

This brainwashing of children as young as age 5 results in the creation of activists and disruptors of the nuclear family.  The Florida Parental Rights in Education bill could as easily be called the “Anti-Child Whisperer” Bill.  As Vladimir Lenin once said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

So what is to be done? 

Please, please vet your candidates. I recommend at least these two questions.

  1. Please define what is a woman?
  2. How do you feel about the Florida “Parents rights in education” legislation?
  3. Tie breaker – How do you feel about Lia (Will) Thomas swimming with the women?

 You will have your answer.

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By Dr. David Ingram

Dr. Dave Ingram is longtime Kalispell physician married to Ann, a valley nurse practitioner with two grown children, educated in the valley. He has been involved in medical staff leadership, youth sports, and currently is a library board trustee running for House District 7.
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