Little by little, the American citizens these elites hoped to transform into their new docile serf class were supposed to meekly accept infringement after infringement on their rights. Americans used to carry guns openly. Then they accepted the infringement that guns shouldn't be carried outside the home. Then they accepted that they needed the government's permission to carry a handgun concealed, but only if they proved that they "needed" to do so. It just occurred to me that what happened here was the Left rushing to the end point of the agenda as they realized the tide has turned against them with The Great Awakening. The UniParty under the control of the elites is now desperately rushing through the Red Flag Laws that would allow them to remove guns from the homes of millions of US citizens. Hey, it looked good on paper at the time they were planning this years ago. Limit gun ownership to the home, then find a way to strip the guns out of the home using a 'public safety' pretext. But then The Great Awakening Showed up and kicked The Great Reset's ass.
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