Julie Martin

Julie Martin, RN, BSN, ACN has been a Registered Nurse for over 31 years. She graduated from Cedarville University with a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree. She also has an Applied Clinical Nutrition certification from Texas Chiropractic College. She enjoys writing, working with her clients and the privilege of living in Montana.

As a resident of House District 11, I am in strong support of Devon Decker. Devon is an honest, hard-working supporter of the constitution and our liberties and resides in my district. Devon is the best person to represent us in Helena. 

Devon’s opponent, Ronalee Skees, in her position on the Flathead County health board, did not stand for liberty when it counted most (all public record) and I do not trust her to be any more courageous with the challenges we will be facing ahead. 

Devon will fight for the proper education of our children, parental rights, school choice and medical freedom. Devon also stands for the vital importance of election integrity. District 11 needs Devon to represent us in Helena, not more business as usual.

David Dunn is the clear choice for House District 8. David has proven legislative experience and is a man of high integrity. 

David voted against any proposed legislation that would raise taxes. He has a great relationship with the governor and other legislators and has vowed to work with them to address the rising property taxes Montanans are very concerned about. 

David is a protector of the second amendment and helped stop an unconstitutional “Red Flag Law” bill that would have infringed on our right to keep and bear arms. 

David is a successful and innovative farmer who can bring his expertise to Helena to help address increasing concerns about food security. 

For these reasons and many more, I support David Dunn for House District 8.

Dear Flathead Beacon, 

I am writing in response to the disingenuous hit piece regarding Jason Parce, written by attorney Tammi Fisher. She knows that Parce is unable to “candidly and without restriction discuss the situation.” How does Fisher become aware of the facts and then talk about them, when in reality no one should know the facts other than the investigating administrators and the employee? 

Jason is one of the most highly decorated police officers to ever serve KPD. For a list of his awards and volunteer activities, see his website and his Facebook page. 

It appears Parce was forced to leave. Isn’t it unusual for an officer to leave with his fully trained police dog, especially if there is anything remotely criminal in his behavior? 

It is noteworthy the ironic timing of this “investigation” in relation to Parce announcing his candidacy.  

When the dust settles and the truth is exposed, I have no doubt that it will be in Jason’s favor. I just hope people will support him, instead of trying him in the completely biased media with “guilty until proven innocent.” Flathead County needs positive change, not business as usual. 

I am writing to highly recommend Jason Parce for Flathead County Commissioner. Jason is a seasoned and decorated Kalispell police officer serving our community since 2008. Jason has demonstrated leadership and proficiency in helping to keep our community safe, especially from drugs, along with his K-9 partner, Cairo, since 2017.

Jason has worked in the community for a number of years and as a police officer, has a unique and well-rounded view of all areas of the community and can really speak to the needs of our community. He has been “in the trenches” and in doing so, has demonstrated problem-solving abilities and understands the importance of listening to members of his community.

Jason has a great demeanor for public office and does not shy away from answering hard questions and learning about what people in the community are concerned with. He understands what people of the Flathead Valley value and has worked to help preserve that.  

Learn more about Jason Parce and volunteer or donate to his campaign on his website: