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Montana’s House District 11 Needs Someone With a Strong Spine

If Ronalee Skees was unable to stand up for individual liberty and defend her own record as a member of the Flathead County Health Board, how can District 11 voters trust she will stand up for what is right if she is elected?

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Rossiter: My Picks for Missoula County Public Schools Board of Trustees

Within a few weeks we will be getting ballots in the mail for a May vote that includes the opportunity to elect some new people to the Missoula County School Board. Recently I had the opportunity to interact with six of the candidates running in 2022.  Each is a parent, and all are running because…

Say Hello to Free Missoula News

Dear readers, My name is Roy McKenzie and I am the editor and creator of Missoula County Tyranny. Over the past year and a half, Missoula County Tyranny has followed, published, and reported on news and information from a perspective that the mainstream press will not cover: the citizens. While news outlets like the Missoulian…

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Per MT Law, Vaccinating Children Without Parental Consent Can Result in Civil Liability or Criminal Prosecution

This past Saturday, Lewis and Clark Public Health Department advertised a COVID-19 vaccine clinic at East Helena Public High School aimed at children aged 5-11-years-old. The ad indicated that proof of the child’s name and age was not required and children need only be accompanied by a “caregiver.” How do government employees at a clinic…

Pfizer Vaccine Creates 164 Myocarditis Cases in Boys For Every 189 COVID-19 Hospital Stays Prevented

In one scenario, for every 21 hospitalizations of COVID-19 prevented, 179 boys will develop a case of myocarditis, 98 boys would be hospitalized, and 57 boys would be admitted to ICU’s.

86 Montana Legislators Request Special Committee on Elections

State Senator Theresa Manzella (SD-44) shared a letter on Facebook signed by 86 Montana Legislators requesting a Special Select Committee on elections. The request letter was transmitted to Senate President Mark Blasdel (SD-4) and House Speaker Wylie Galt (HD-30) on Wednesday and includes signatures from 24 State Senators and 62 State Representatives. The representatives are…

Montana Democrats Share Photo of “Freezer Morgue” That’s Actually A Mobile MRI Unit, Hospital Says

Former Lt. Governor Mike Cooney, Senator Ellie Boldman, and Helena Commissioner Emily Dean spread misinformation about a mobile MRI trailer being a portable COVID “freezer morgue”

New Emergency Rule on Parental Choice for Mask Mandates Misses the Mark?

The Montana Department of Health and Human Services, along with Governor Greg Gianforte, announced a new “emergency rule” this afternoon concerning mask mandates in schools. This has been a hot button issue for concerned parents who have been protesting and attending school board meetings to demand their rights to make health decisions for the children.…

Missoula Parents and School Employees Raise Legal Funds For Mask Lawsuit

After Missoula County Schools Superintendent Rob Watson shutdown in-person access to school board meetings and finalized mask requirements for students and staff, despite overwhelming demands for parental choice, Missoula parents and school staff are stepping up their fight against the school board’s unscientific mask mandates. Missoulian and parent Joseph Suchanic took to GoFundMe just over…

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Ward 5 Candidate Bob Campbell Shares Letter to Missoulians

Bob Campbell is a law enforcement officer and retired US Army sergeant running for Ward 5 City Council seat.