Community Hospital To Fire Unvaccinated Workers Despite Losing 26% of Beds Since September

Many nurses and healthcare workers have been seeing the writing on the wall for months now. Hospitals across the United States have been sending notices to their workers, pressuring them to get vaccinated. On Veteran’s Day, Missoula’s Community Medical Center went a step further and told workers that they need to either get vaccinated or…

Missoulian Reporter Hansen Solicits Only Positive Feedback for Puff Piece on Child Vaccines

Missoulian reporter Jordan Hansen filed a report Tuesday stating that “all” parents, doctors, and health officials were “excited” to get 5-11-year-olds vaccinated after soliciting feedback only from parents who planned to vaccinate their children. On November 3rd, Hansen took to Twitter requesting interviews with parents who were, “looking to get their kids vaxxed [sic] with…

Pfizer Vaccine Creates 164 Myocarditis Cases in Boys For Every 189 COVID-19 Hospital Stays Prevented

In one scenario, for every 21 hospitalizations of COVID-19 prevented, 179 boys will develop a case of myocarditis, 98 boys would be hospitalized, and 57 boys would be admitted to ICU’s.

Big Sky Student Seriously Ill After Missoula Public Schools, Public Health Coerce COVID-19 Vaccine Without Parental Consent

Big Sky High School Principal Jennifer Courtney and Superintendent Rob Watson told the student that “good people get vaccinated.”