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Welp, Trump didn't (correctly) dub him as the "dumbest man on television" for no reason. 😆 ____ "Either Don Lemon has spent too much time inside the liberal bubble at CNN, or he is afraid of his job status as the network transitions away from the hyper-partisan excesses of the Trump years — or both. Whatever the case, the CNN host thinks the media’s being too doggone fair to Republicans."
Heading home from the MTGOP convention feeling VICTORIOUS! We got a lot of good things added to the election law plank of the Republican Platform, and the best part is not expressed here in this picture, as it came in the form of our resolution, which was amended and added on the floor by the Committee of the Whole. I’ll share the exact wording on that ASAP. But the vote count was the biggest thrill- (I kept track as best as I was able to hear.) Something close to 126- FOR to 46-against! Montana REPUBLICANS have spoken! ELECTION INTEGRITY IS TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY IN MONTANA!!!!! I’m very grateful to our new St Committee Man, Alan Lackey and our entire ELECTION INTEGRITY TEAM made up of legislators and citizen’s alike. Everyone worked very hard for this victory!
I believe that nobody these days would criticize the US decision to partner with Stalin in the war against Hitler. Senator Daines may have had the same considerations when he voted for sending financial aid to Ukraine. Yet, it was the wrong decision. It was bad for many reasons, but the main one is that Republicans must finally recognize the fact that Democrats fully transitioned into the party of Neo-Marxists, and any bipartisan bill that is supported by Dems' leadership is anti-American. Montana is fortunate to have Matt Rosendale. Not only does he understands that cooperation with Neo-Marxists serves the totalitarian interests of global elites and hurts Americans, but he also is one of the very few Republicans who are not afraid to stand up against Neo-Marxists. Matt Rosendale is not enough. The suggestion to "vote for people of principle who are willing to stand firm" is good, but we already had our primaries. Currently, our choices are between sending Ryan Zinke to join Matt or letting the lawyer from Missoula enforce more Neo-Marxist policies. In my opinion, this means that it's time for Montana conservatives to start educating our elected Republicans. We must make them understand that we expect them to be more like Matt Rosendale and Ron Desantis and never again be like Romney or Liz Cheney.