Kash gives his prediction on the Danchenko case. “What you have to look at in the Danchenko case is the material John Durham is putting out. That he’s telling us the FBI unlawfully allowed a CHS to cover up the FBI’s corruption and paid them with government taxpayer dollars… So I think you’re gonna see a whole flurry of information come out in the next two weeks.” 💥 I won’t be surprised if Danchenko walks like Sussmann did. As Kash says, it’s the info that Durham is presenting to the public. Think big picture. Also, did you catch at the end where Kash says he’s going to be speaking at the Trump rallies this weekend? 🇺🇸

Now that he's been arrested and will go on trial for what he did, every single one of the hundreds of US counties using Eugene Yu's dirty CCP Konnech software as part of it's Election Management System [EMS] needs to cease using Konnech's EMS platforms and apps until we find out just how much of US election worker's PII has been schlepped off to China. This means NOT using Konnoch's EMS software for these 2022 midterms. Patriots need to**make this happen**. We have 35 days. TIME TO GET BUSY.

Remember yesterday when Trump took shit for bringing up Ginnie Thomas (Justice Thomas’ Wife) and her “election conspiracies”? And then there was that time today that Trump filed an emergency motion with SCOTUS over Mar-A-Lago? Thomas is the Justice in charge of overseeing the 11th Circuit. Which is where Palm Beach County is. Which is where Mar-A-Lago is … 45 always foreshadows .. 👀

Literally yesterday, the New York Times ran his cover piece for Eugene Yu and wrote Konnech was storing all it's data on U.S. severs. Then literally today, Eugene Yu gets arrested for NOT storing their data on U.S. servers, but having them on servers in China. Nice try New York Times.

Victory for Lawyer Aaron Siri who has finally obtained the reports that the CDC didn’t want you to see. 7.7% of 10 million had to seek medical care post inject. 25% missed work and had some serious event affecting their normal lives.