Can we please move on from Cruz as some sort of patriot hero? I can strike a middle ground of making no comment when one would be mean-spirited, but give me a break. “The institution” is in a horrible place when power hungry elitists stay in office until they can’t hold their own heads up.
Socialist congressman Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., was caught on security camera pulling a fire alarm as his party tried to delay voting on a House GOP bill. It caused an alarm to ring out across the entire Cannon Building.
I hear that Old Crow Mitch McConnell, together with his small band of weak and ineffective RINOS like Mitt Romney and “Hopeless” John Cornyn, are, as usual, trying to cobble together a series of massive concessions for Cryin’ Chuck Schumer and the Lunatic Left, in order to “bail out” Crooked Joe Biden, THE WORST & MOST CORRUPT PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES. The Old Crow, and his group of ten (plus) COWARDS, have savaged our Country by approving Trillions of Dollars for Green New Deal Insanity, and the Weaponization of our System of “Injustice.” Don’t do it!!!
Silicon Valley insider and Montana resident, talks about the dangers of SMART CITY infrastructure installed in our
towns and cities, which is expanding right under our noses. Learn what you can do to negate this!

Aman will talk about the Digital ID, AI, school children as securitized assets, eradication of Property and Water Rights, the incoming Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) linked to a Chinese-style social credit system that is right here in America.

Learn how the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and ESG scoring is taking over our country. Resist Global Governance with Local Action!

SUN, OCT 1st 5pm PT


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