Biden’s State of the Union set new records for dishonesty and emptiness He ranged across a world of issues without substantively addressing the biggest ones — crime, the border crisis, China, the nation’s looming economic woes — because his record is so weak on all of them. His flagging polls show the American people aren’t fooled. Just like Biden, they see that his act is getting stale.
Look, he worked hard tonight, it’s not a natural thing for him, it never was, and never will be, but you’ve got to give him credit for trying. I disagree with him on most of his policies, but he put into words what he felt, and he ended up the evening far stronger than he began. Give him credit for that. Many things weren’t mentioned that should have been, but that’s for another time. I’ve done a little clip, perhaps you’d like to watch it. Good night everybody, and God Bless America!
He said, “We’re going to need oil for another decade.” And then what, Joe, our poor Country will be economically destroyed, and never able to recover from what you’ve caused, and that includes the millions of people who are illegally pouring through our Borders!