After todays ruling from the US Supreme Court striking Roe vs Wade, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte said he is “in discussions with legislative leaders on next steps as we work to protect life in Montana.”

In another blow to Montana’s specious constitution and other states with similar constitutional provisions, the Supreme Court said Tuesday that excluding private religious schools from receiving public money is a violation of the First Amendment in Carson v. Makin in the state of Maine.

The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 Tuesday that a Maine tuition assistance program violated the First Amendment’s Free Exercise Clause for excluding religious schools from eligibility.

The program provides tuition assistance for students without a local public school to attend private institutions – as long as the funding is not used for religious or “sectarian” teaching. 

In 2020, the Supreme Court admonished the Montana Supreme Court for striking a scholarship program passed by the legislature that provided money to private religious schools saying it violated the state constitution. 

Justice John Roberts wrote in an opinion regarding the scholarship program, “A state need not subsidize private education, but once it decides to do so it cannot disqualify some private schools because they are religious.”

Montana’s constitution states in Article 10, Part 10, Section 6,

Aid prohibited to sectarian schools. (1) The legislature, counties, cities, towns, school districts, and public corporations shall not make any direct or indirect appropriation or payment from any public fund or monies, or any grant of lands or other property for any sectarian purpose or to aid any church, school, academy, seminary, college, university, or other literary or scientific institution, controlled in whole or in part by any church, sect, or denomination.

The Montana constitution should be amended to remove this unconstitutional provision targeting religion in the state.

When choosing the right Republican to represent us on the PSC, voters should do their homework. It’s too easy to fall for the false claims of establishment candidates like Derek Skees, who screams “conservative” while voting like a socialist on PSC issues. We must look beneath the rhetoric and examine the record. When we do, we’ll vote for Annie Bukacek – the only authentic conservative in the race, endorsed by Montanans For Limited Government.

Skees’ record in the legislature quickly betrays him when it comes to PSC-related bills that came before his committees. The question of how to regulate utility monopolies is a key dividing line between true conservatives and counterfeits like Derek. His record is appalling.

Dr. Bukacek has a long history of fighting for our rights – including for the unborn and unvaccinated – in our community. She is a true champion, unafraid to take a stand for freedom and truth. As a PSC commissioner, Bukacek will not bend a knee to powerful monopolies that enjoy guaranteed profits. She’ll require them to be cost-efficient and accountable to the consumers.

Skees has been a water carrier for the power monopolies ever since entering the legislature. 

Bukacek is our only choice!

Vote Jason Parce for Flathead County Commissioner

Jason Parce has over 15:years of law enforcement experience. Jason has demonstrated his passion for the community, leadership and problem solving skills.

In May of 2013 Jason was the recipient of the Montana Association of Chiefs of Police “Officer of the Year Award.”

On the award it reads “For Unselfish Dedication and Service to the Citizens of the State of Montana.” Jason was nominated by his peers and selected by the state for his accomplishments in community policing.”

In 2014 Jason developed, organized and coordinated the KPD Junior Police Academy; an annual community outreach program designed to educate and develop relationships between law enforcement and youth.

Currently Officer Parce serves as the state assistant director for the Montana Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) to benefit Special Olympics. Within this organization he has served as the law enforcement liaison for the area management team, leg leader for Torch Run (LETR), and northwest Montana regional coordinator. LETR has raised millions of dollars in the state of Montana to support Special Olympic athletes and families.

Jason’s volunteer service with several community based non-profit organizations such as Flathead CARE, Special Olympics Montana, and Head Start, has afforded him lasting relationships within our community.

Jason’s commitment to volunteer service in our community has earned him The President’s Volunteer Service Award.

I strongly urge you to vote for Jason Parce, a proven leader with knows our community and will work hard for solutions on the June 7 primary.

Scotia Brosnan

Devon Decker is my choice for House District 11. I reside in this district and do not trust someone like Ronalee Skees to protect my liberties. She has already failed to do that during her time on the Flathead County Health Board, especially when she voted to shut down restaurant and bar dining rooms on March 19, 2020. She did it before and I can’t trust she won’t do it again. Devon has stated he must protect our God-given rights and I know he will stand up for us. 

As a finish carpenter who has done some welding in the past, I appreciate Devon’s hard work as a welder and what it requires to do that type of a job well. We need people like Devon, who have a strong work ethic and common sense, to represent us and he also lives in my district. I support Devon for HD 11 and I hope you will, too.

David Dunn: A Proven Leader for HD8

David Dunn has demonstrated successful legislative experience in the Montana legislature including voted against every proposed tax legislation and has vowed to do so again on day one for the 2023 legislative session.

David has developed a great working relationship with our governor, attorney general and is prepared to advocate for all Montanans regarding a state income tax credit that would help lower the property tax burdens of all Montanans.

David helped to kill a proposed “Red Flag law” bill in the 2019 legislative session that would have grossly violated the second amendment rights of all Montanans.

Importantly, David dedicated a great deal of time to educate legislators regarding the harmful effects of 5G implementation.

In David’s personal life, he is a hard-working and successful farmer, who understands the concerns of our local farmers and ranchers.

Endorsements for David include: NRA, MSSA, Montanan’s for Limited Government and Montana Family Foundation. In 2019, David received the CPAC Achievement Award.

David Dunn is running for House District 8 to represent Montanans, not special interests. If you value freedom and liberty, I strongly urge you to vote for David Dunn in the upcoming primary, June 7.

Scotia Brosnan