Montanans sounding off.

Notice the name in the middle of the article–Jon Tester. Yes, our very own home-grown Senator has added his name to the despicable idea of registering young women for the purpose of being conscripted into short-term slavery if The Powers That Be determine that they should be.

Young men should not be forced to register for the “honor” of being ordered to kill or be killed, either, but it is especially repugnant that we have arrived at the point where we can callously throw our daughters into this meat grinder without a second’s thought. Of course, in the United Socialist States of America where everyone is equal and women can do everything that men can, perhaps this is an idea whose time has come.


Jon Tester. Shame on him.


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In his latest op-ed, Travis Mateer discusses the challenges of “urban crisis camping” in Missoula, sharing real experiences, interactions with law enforcement, and the impact of the Broken Windows theory.


In the late 1990’s, my wife and I homeschooled her son, who had been diagnosed ADHD and the local State school had labeled “uncontrollable”. We did this for three years until he appeared ready to rejoin the system in 8th grade. He graduated, eventually joined the US Navy, and progressed upward to the point where he now holds the rank of Chief, the highest rank an enlisted man can achieve. Without the personal attention of homeschooling, his life would probably have taken a much darker turn.

This was done in Pennsylvania, a notoriously difficult state for homeschoolers. In most of the US, it is easier and many parents are turning to it as a viable alternative to the State system of forced attendance, indoctrination, and propaganda. If you have young children who experience trouble within the system, please consider this option. You can start by clicking the link below.


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