The Father says today, what is it about your current situation that causes you to doubt My ability to get you through? Have I failed you yet? Is anything too difficult for Me? Of course not, and nothing is too difficult for you either, when you choose to believe. It’s no small thing for a mountain to fall into the sea from your perspective, but it’s just an anthill in My eyes. As you focus your attention and learn to think like I think, you will find things make more sense and fall into place more quickly and easily. Your thinking aligns you with what I Am doing or aligns you with what I Am not doing. When you remain in Me as I remain in you, you shall ask whatever you will, and it shall be done for you. Where is the limitation in that? I Am not holding out on you. If you focus your attention on what you perceive to be the cause of the problem, when you have no way to change it in the natural, it will never change.Lifting your eyes to see as I do, think as I do and speak as I do, aligns you with the Mind of Christ and nothing shall be withheld from you. You are growing and maturing, multitudes are uniting with singleness of purpose. Intercession and prayers are arising to, never before seen, levels in the earth. All it takes is you to say to the mountain, but imagine when multitudes start believing, speaking and uniting with singleness of purpose. There is no enemy force that can stop what is happening in the earth right now. All you are seeing is the outcropping and temper tantrum of a failed kingdom that will not win. There is no match for My power or anything that can stop My plans from coming to pass. As you get the doubt out, and praise Me with a shout, you become the spout where My glory pours out, living epistles read of all walking in the fulness of your call.Georgette ThompsonThe post The Father Says Today: April 13th, 2022 appeared first on Fathers Heart Ministry. Fathers Heart Ministry https://ift.tt/pul7zan