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Montana Media’s #HatchetGirls

Mainstream Montana journalists are growing harder and harder to distinguish from the rapid response communications teams of the Montana Democratic Party and the Democratic Party nationally. Self-described “journalists” Ashley Nerbovig and Skylar Rispens are the official #HatchetGirls of the Montana establishment media. Why is it that these alleged reporters cannot seem to quote conservatives without…

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Republican’s “Big Tent”: A Flawed Philosophy

People claiming to be “conservative” like to champion the value of Reagan’s concept of the “Big Tent”, welcoming everyone into the party to win the vote. Let’s examine this “value” by looking through history since value can only be established by grading results. The concept of a “big tent” gave us our first president to…

Ravalli Republicans Vote To Reject 2020 Election Results

The Ravalli County Republican Central Committee voted to adopt a resolution on Tuesday to reject the results of the 2020 election citing violations of state and federal law, documentary evidence of ballot trafficking, and a state legislative audit on the security and maintenance of Montana election systems that reported outdated voter rolls and a lack…

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What Does Candidate Ronalee Skees Not Understand About Individual Liberty?

I have been accused of being a “hater” or part of a “hate group,” because I have written and spoken truthfully and critically about Ronalee Skees, candidate for House District 11, and why I think she is unqualified to be my representative.  The truth of the matter is that this is not a personal vendetta. …

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Rossiter: My Picks for Missoula County Public Schools Board of Trustees

Within a few weeks we will be getting ballots in the mail for a May vote that includes the opportunity to elect some new people to the Missoula County School Board. Recently I had the opportunity to interact with six of the candidates running in 2022.  Each is a parent, and all are running because…

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Rossiter: Non-Marxist America, We Have A Problem

For those of us who have rejected Marxism, we have a major problem.  It isn’t a new problem, but it is a problem we have heretofore chosen to fight in the wrong way.  That problem is how to communicate with the rest of the world.  We can’t expect the lame stream media to communicate anything…

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Flathead Health Board Accountability: Get Your Popcorn!

Conservatives in Flathead County prove that regardless of party affiliation, if a candidate for public office voted for lockdowns, their actions will not be memory-holed and they will be held to account.

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Rossiter: Drinking the Kool-Aid

For years, I and others have used the term “drinking the kool-aid.” Little did I know there is actually a more formal term that addresses this phenomena. The formal name is mass formation psychosis (MFP). Google it, and you will find numerous articles. Not only that, but I learned just how insidious this psychosis is…

UPDATED: Federal Judge Grants Montana’s Request For Injunction On CMS Vaccine Mandate, Benefis Insists on Jab

Montana healthcare workers are protected under HB-702 which adds vaccination status as a protected class.