Another Observer Comes Forward, Casting Doubt on Missoula’s Second Recount of Ballot Envelopes

In an affidavit signed by one observer of the second recount of affirmation envelopes (also known as ballot signature envelopes) from the Missoula County 2020 General Election, the observer stated they could not be sure that the envelopes that were counted were from the 2020 General Election. In an interview with Western Montana News, Mr.…

Montana Citizens Receive “DOJ Threat” Treatment From Montana Officials Over Election Integrity Concerns

Election officials in Montana have been coordinating with State agencies including the Office of Political Practices (OPP), local law enforcement, and private non-governmental associations to quell citizens who have questions about their local election processes. The moves from state and local officials mirror coordination between the Department of Justice and the National School Board Association…

Grave Discrepancy Identified in Recent Missoula Election Envelope Recount

During last years citizen-led count of affirmation envelopes, county elections officials provided the Missoula County Election Integrity Project with 31 boxes of envelopes from the 2020 Election. During last week’s count, the county produced 33 boxes of envelopes.

Missoula Elections Office “Incompetent…Derelict” Integrity Group 52-Page Report to SoS, AG Alleges

The Missoula election integrity group released a 52-page report Tuesday documenting “a pattern of irregularities” in Missoula County’s 2020 General Election and “troubling issues” found in a study of the county voter registration database.

Missoula Ballot Review Team Shares Open-Letter Detailing Discrepancy Involving 4,592 Ballots

A Missoula ballot review team found 4,592 ballots from the 2020 General Election missing ballot signature envelopes and dozens of envelopes with duplicate signatures.