Montana PSC Primary Voters Decided Who Is Really Looking Out For Us

Despite slanderous accusations from her opponent, her presumptive primary win for Public Service Commission and recently released footage of COVID lockdown meetings of the Flathead Health Board vindicate Dr. Annie Bukacek’s fight for liberty.

Flathead Health Board Accountability: Get Your Popcorn!

Conservatives in Flathead County prove that regardless of party affiliation, if a candidate for public office voted for lockdowns, their actions will not be memory-holed and they will be held to account.

VIDEO: State Rep Manzella Calls for Special Session to Perform Forensic Audit of Montana Elections

State Rep Theresa Manzella makes case for Montana Legislature to call themselves back into session to perform audit of Montana Elections.

VIDEO: City Council Approves All Mail-In Ballot Election for Mayor, Wards Despite Unexplained Discrepancies in 2020 Missoula Election

Despite protests from public comment and Councilwoman Vasecka, Missoula Councilors voted to approve mail-in ballot election amid unexplained 2020 election discrepancies.

For “Pride” Missoula’s LGBT Center Should Disband

Missoula’s LGBT advocacy group has been shameless about COVID-19 hyperbole, forgetting that Dr. Anthony Fauci killed thousands of AIDS patients with junk science on a toxic cancer drug known as AZT.

Missoula Ballot Review Team Shares Open-Letter Detailing Discrepancy Involving 4,592 Ballots

A Missoula ballot review team found 4,592 ballots from the 2020 General Election missing ballot signature envelopes and dozens of envelopes with duplicate signatures.

30 of 56 Montana Counties Including Missoula Granted Zuckerberg Money for Elections, Legislature Investigating

Last October, over 2,500 election offices across the country received undisclosed sums of money from the Mark Zuckerberg-funded Center for Tech & Civic Life (CTCL). The organization was funded by Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, to the tune of $350 million. Money sent to local election offices was reportedly given to, “cover expenses like…

Missoula City Council Candidate “Honored” to Receive Endorsement from Exiting Councilor Who Mandated Masks

Ward 4 candidate Mike Nugent announced on his Facebook page that he was “honored” to have the endorsement of incumbent Ward 4 councilwoman, Amber Sherrill. Sherrill will not seek re-election this year and bears partial responsibility for mask mandates and other restrictions unlawfully imposed upon Missoula County residents and businesses over the past year. Sherrill…

Montana Mask Lawsuit Organizers: “This all ends when we say NO”

Stand Up Montana, the organizers of the lawsuit against former Governor Steve Bullock and the Department of Public Health and Human Services, recently expanded their litigation to include Missoula City-County Board of Health and Health Director Ellen Leahy. Citing a lack of action on the part of Governor Greg Gianforte to end the mask mandate…

Missoula Food Bank Director to Lolo Community Center: Join Mask Lawsuit? No Food for Lolo.

Missoula Food Bank & Community Center Executive Director, Aaron Brock, seemingly threatened Lolo Community Center with disassociation last night. The community center recently joined a lawsuit against Missoula City-County Board of Health and Health Director Ellen Leahy for the agency’s COVID-19 response. The Lolo Community Center board was set to vote last night on its…