UPDATED: School Board Notified of Inappropriate Sexual Orientation Questionnaire Distributed by Missoula Teacher

UPDATED (04/13/2021): Post updated to reflect comments from State Superintendent Elsie Arntzen whose office is investigating the situation. A Missoula sexual education teacher distributed a handout titled “Questions for Exploring Sexual Orientation” to Sentinel High School students, according to parents and confirmed by school officials. The questions on the handout asked students to consider changing…

WATCH: Local Artist Travis Mateer Releases “Engen’s Missoula” Documentary Online

Local artist and film producer Travis Mateer released his 3-hour documentary Engen’s Missoula late Wednesday night. “So happy to finally be able to share this, it’s been a long time in the making,” Mateer said in a tweet. The film covers specific points in the administration of Missoula’s 5-term Mayor, John Engen, including the redirection…

Media Response To Manzella Religious Liberty Speech Shows LGBTQ Victimization A Potent Tool To Silence Dissent

Rispen’s took Manzella’s words out of context, stripped them apart, and capped off Manzella’s original thought with a mischaracterization of her statement. Rispens suggested that Manzella was shrugging off violence against LGBTQ people as a “normal consequence” when Manzella specifically said that, according to her beliefs, all people should be approached “in love.”

UPDATED: Federal Judge Grants Montana’s Request For Injunction On CMS Vaccine Mandate, Benefis Insists on Jab

Montana healthcare workers are protected under HB-702 which adds vaccination status as a protected class.

Missoulian Reporter Hansen Solicits Only Positive Feedback for Puff Piece on Child Vaccines

Missoulian reporter Jordan Hansen filed a report Tuesday stating that “all” parents, doctors, and health officials were “excited” to get 5-11-year-olds vaccinated after soliciting feedback only from parents who planned to vaccinate their children. On November 3rd, Hansen took to Twitter requesting interviews with parents who were, “looking to get their kids vaxxed [sic] with…

Senate Can Meet to Review Montana Elections, Legislative Legal Office Says

Legislative staff attorney Jaret Cole stated, “It is my opinion that the president of the Senate has the authority to create a Senate special committee to review Montana’s election laws and processes.”

Montana Democrats Share Photo of “Freezer Morgue” That’s Actually A Mobile MRI Unit, Hospital Says

Former Lt. Governor Mike Cooney, Senator Ellie Boldman, and Helena Commissioner Emily Dean spread misinformation about a mobile MRI trailer being a portable COVID “freezer morgue”

Montana Ace Hardware CEO Excoriates Unvaccinated Employees, Cancels Christmas Parties and Meetings

An employee of Montana Ace Hardware shared a letter they received from President & CEO Stewart Weis in July where he writes to employees how “profoundly disappointed” he is with employee vaccination rates and that decisions to not be vaccinated, outside of a physician recommending against a vaccine, are, “rooted in either being uninformed, misinformed,…

11 Montana, 3 Missoula Educators Pledge to Teach Racism a “Defining Characteristic” of Present Day US in Defiance of AG Opinion

Montana educators are ready for racialized struggle sessions that teach “racism a defining characteristic of our society today.”

Hellgate Elementary Votes to “Allow” Parents to Decide On Masks for Fall, County Health Recommends COVID-19 Injections

Not everything will be returning to normal, however. Masks will still be required on busses. Signs for washing hands and social distancing remain, as will much of the plexiglass.