Op Ed 320

People’s Marxist Republic of Missoula

Citizens of the City and County of Missoula, it is time to publicly acknowledge that the City of Missoula is being run by the Marxists of the Marxist Democrat Party.  We have laughingly referred to Missoula as socialist in the past.  It is no longer a laughing matter, and we better start taking action to end the Marxist régime that has a tyrannical grip on our community. To continue down the twisted Marxist road we are on, is to allow our beautiful city to turn into a San Francisco, Los Angles, Chicago, or Seattle.  Is that what we want?  Is that what we are willing to be satisfied with?

Our tyrant of a Mayor told us a few years ago he intended to be Missoula’s Mayor for life.  That’s not the words of an elected official; those are the word of a dictatorial Marxist tyrant.  He and his fellow Marxists on the City Council promised us a public transportation system that would pay for itself.  The actual result was a bus system that could not pay its own way, and like any good Marxist régime the bus system was turned into a taxpayer funded system that primarily is someplace for the Missoula homeless to stay warm in the winter time.  What does it actually cost the Missoula taxpayers for each real rider using it for transportation?  Of course, we don’t know because that’s how Marxism works.

Then again, our Marxist Democrat Mayor and City Council wrangled the privately owned water company out of their water system with the promise it would cost millions and millions of dollars less than it actually cost and it would ultimately cost less for water when the city owned it.  Well people, like Marxism everywhere it has ever been tried, our Marxist city government can’t keep the water system running as cost effectively as the private company and earlier in 2022, the city announced a 40% water rate increase.  Marxism, often referred to as socialism or communism, being all the same in execution, has failed everywhere is has ever been tried and is clearly failing here in Missoula too.

The Marxist Democrat Missoula government has failed in trying to resolve the homeless problem that they promised to fix in 10 years. The Marxist Democrat Missoula government has failed to provide a self-supporting bus system they promised to provide.  The Marxist Democrat Missoula government has failed to provide an efficient and cost effective water system they promised to provide.  As a taxpayers and business owners, how many more failures of  Marxists promises are you willing to pay for?

If you are under the misguided impression our city government isn’t Marxist, you are either a committed Marxist Democrat or you have never read Marx and Engels’ book.  You would also do well to read Mark Levin’s book about American Marxism.

Are you still not convinced?  How do you like fuel prices?  How do you like food prices?  How do you like empty store shelves? How do you like prices of everything going up?  Have you noticed that interest rates for housing have gone from under 3% to 5%, and still climbing?  What do you think about the highest inflation rate in more than 40 years?  And NO, Putin and the war in the Ukraine have nothing to do with any of this!   These are gifts from your national Marxist Democrat government, and they gave you these in only 15 months!  If the Marxists can damage Missoula and America this badly this quickly, guess how things will look by the 2024 election?

If all this sounds good to you, you will no doubt continue voting for Marxist Democrats.  If you are not happy about the way Missoula and America are trending, you will do well to vote for anyone who is not a Marxist.  Keep that in mind at our primary election and the national mid-term election.  Your vote does count, no matter whether the talking heads are saying things you like or things you don’t like.  You must exercise your privilege and responsibility to vote.

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By Steve Rossiter

Steve Rossiter is a 21-year Missoula resident and a retired aviation professional from federal civil service.
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