Jefferson County Attorney Steven Haddon Charges Voter for Signing Own Ballot Envelope

State and county officials continue to ramp up their attacks on Montana citizens who are seeking answers to questions about how elections are ran in their county.

In the most recent instance, Jefferson County Attorney Steven Haddon coordinated with elections administrator County Clerk Ginger Kunz and Jefferson High School business manager Lori Carey to charge GOP House candidate Timothy D. McKenrick for signing his name differently on his own ballot signature envelope (or affirmation envelope).

According to the charges, “he had intentionally altered his signature to appear more closely to that he used when he was younger … to make sure the election workers were checking signatures,” Haddon wrote in charging documents.

The news comes as Commissioner of Political Practices Jeff Mangan admitted to coordinating with county attorneys, law enforcement, and private NGO’s to counter “election misinformation” before the Montana State Administration and Veterans Affairs legislative committee late last month.

High school business manager Carey reported McKenrick to clerk Kunz after McKenrick allegedly expressed to elections workers after dropping off his ballot that state law was ambiguous about invalidating ballots with incorrect signatures.

Kunz is not answering questions regarding her role in targeting and entrapping McKenrick and is directing questions to county attorney Haddon.

Read more at Montana Free Press.

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