VIDEO: State Rep Manzella Calls for Special Session to Perform Forensic Audit of Montana Elections

Montana State Rep Theresa Manzella speaks at Lindell’s Cyber Symposium. August 11, 2021.

During the Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium on Election Integrity yesterday, State Representative (SD-44) Theresa Manzella stood on stage and made the case for the Montana State Legislature to call themselves back into session, write legislation for an audit, and conduct a full-forensic audit of the Montana 2020 General Election.

“Our Constitution is the solution and provides us the answer we are seeking,” Manzella said. Citing the US Constitution, Manzella reminded attendees that the legislatures make laws and that state legislatures determine the time, manner, and place of federal elections. Referencing Governor Steve Bullock’s overreach sending out mail-in ballots to everyone on the voter rolls in 2020, Manzella also cited the Montana Constitution, Article 4, Section 3, which states, “The legislature shall provide by law the requirements for residence, registration, absentee voting, and administration of elections.”

“We the state legislators, we need to provide a failsafe method with built-in performance metrics to check our work and an auditing process to prove our system works,” Manzella told attendees.

Manzella called for a state audit team and a “perfected audit process” that a the team could follow saying, “What I would like to see for the State of Montana is the same voting method for all 56 counties and a perfected audit process and a trained up audit team ready to go at a moments notice, open to the observation and scrutiny of the people so that we can confidently certify our elections in December and restore the confidence of the people that put us in office and earn the trust that has been bestowed upon us and thus squandered.”

“Now, for the Montana Legislature to pursue a forensic audit, we must call ourselves into a special session. Which has never been done. It takes 76 of us to agree to do it. We have to write the legislation, and the election process and the audit process. We have to pass it. And we have to have the governor sign it to get a forensic audit,” Manzella said.

Six representatives are attending the third and final day of the Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium on Election Fraud including Paul Fielder (HD-13), Steve Galloway (HD-24), Theresa Manzella (SD-44), Bob Phalen (HD-36), Jerry Schillinger (HD-37), Brad Tschida (HD-97) and Restore Liberty’s Darin Gaub a former HD-83 Rep candidate.

This morning on the Montana First Audit Chat Telegram channel, Bob Phelan (HD-36) committed to also convening a special session of the Montana legislature to write audit rules and perform an audit:

At the beginning of todays event, election analyst and cyber security expert Colonel Phil Waldron announced that the packet capture data Lindell is in possession of may have been corrupted by a “poison pill” saying, “We also received credible information on a threat in the data streams. There was supposedly, allegedly, credible threat that there was a poison pill inserted into the data.”

Waldron indicated that the data was being turned over to “federal organizations” for processing. “This information is being handled in accordance with the Cyber Security Act of 2015. This is an executive order by the president of the United States 13636,” Waldron said.

“This information will be shared with the global directors and officers of the Information Sharing and Analysis Organization who are authorized to receive this information to process cyber threat information on behalf of the US government and US people,” Waldron continued.

“The federal organizations who are charged to protect this country, we’ll see what they do with it,” Waldron said.

Lindell also announced that he had been attacked last night, Ruby Ray Media‘s Franz Glaus shared,

Rep. Phelan also shared an image of Lindell’s “Truth vs Big Lie” analysis of Montana Elections. Using the packet capture data, Lindell and his cyber team were able to identify vote flipping that took place in Montana ballot tabulation machines and offered a corrected final vote tally:

“The Big Lie”

CandidateVote Total%
Montana Election Results “The Big Lie”. Mike Lindell. Total vote difference Trump vs Biden: 98,816.

“The Truth”

CandidateVote Total%
Montana Election Results “The Truth”. Mike Lindell. Total vote difference Trump vs Biden: 148,250.

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